Elizabeth Lovius

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Elizabeth Lovius
Change Leadership and Project Director

Elizabeth Lovius is a Leadership Coach and Social Entrepreneur specialising in resilience and wellbeing.

She is an international speaker, author and award winning facilitator who brings over 20 years expertise.

She has experience in a variety of business sectors including: Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Creative Media, Social Enterprise, Start-up and Sports.

As a Social Entrepreneur, Elizabeth’s mission is to contribute to a global shift in wellbeing, one human being at a time. She is Co-Founder of two Social Enterprises:

The Real Change Portal – showcasing a body of work that is leading a global shift in wellbeing. We share stories and statistics of real change that illuminate the source of our human experience and answer the question: What exactly is it that generates real change?

The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective – a multi-disciplined network of experienced, talented and passionate people who deliver game-changing, evidence based services that enable wisdom and wellbeing for everyone – for kids, for adults, for business for the planet.

Elizabeth works at the Executive level and delivers projects that help individual leaders, teams, organisations and institutions have the resilience and wisdom needed to deliver sustainable results.

Elizabeth has always been interested in making things work better. In her early career at IBM, with a background in training, quality project management and process improvement she went on a journey to discover what makes people perform at their peak. Trained by IBM in the 90’s as a transformational change facilitator, she developed and led a team of 200 internal change agents to help IBM compete when Apple came on the scene.

Elizabeth is all about relationships being the source of results – her area of speciality is helping people across a project or organisation have big relationships and understand how we can work together to get things done.

Elizabeth is Founder of Kindred Spirit Consultancy Ltd. She also is the Creative Leadership Coach for the UK’s foremost Creativity training consultancy Now Go Create. Elizabeth offers Open and Bespoke Resilient Leader programmes

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